Building a development track together with LEONI

Development Track
— is a set of activities (sections, clubs, courses) and additional materials (books, games, exercises) that are aimed at improving these skills.

Great, you have coped with the diagnosis and got the results. Now let’s build together a skills development track for your child’s future.
How do you work with the track?
STEP 1 Select skills
Select the skills you are interested in developing. Add them to the development track — click on + next to their name. The selected skills are highlighted in color. You can add from 1 to 5 skills to the track.
Creative thinking
Systems thinking
Why were these particular skills prioritized?
Because the diagnosis showed that now is the most favorable period for their development
STEP 2 Select classes
It's important!
We recommend that you choose between 3 and 5 destinations. It should be taken into account that the child should have free time for recreation and his/her own interests. Therefore, expect no more than 5 hours of extra activities per week. Choose activities that your child can attend.
Below you can see the activities aimed at developing the skills you have selected. To add an activity to the track, click on the «add» button under its name. Each activity develops several skills at once. You can delete activities by clicking «delete» under their name, or you can add other activities.
You don't have class yet
To get classes, select a skill
STEP 3 Shaping your development track
Go through the lessons on the track you have formed. It is advisable for your child to attend the selected session at least 8 times to assess progress in skill building.
Developing my erudition
речь и коммуникация
speech and communication skills
Developing self-esteem
аналитическое мышление
Developing analytical thinking
Mom, look how cool I am!
My development track
It's important!!
Any skill is formed systematically, so it is important to regularly attend the recommended clubs and sections, and monitor the progress of your child’s development.

Take classes according to the track you have formed. To assess the progress of skill formation, it is desirable to visit the chosen activity at least 8 times.
Make your development track
Click on the right classes to put together your development track
STEP 4 Bonus for parents — additional guidance
A child’s development is influenced by the environment around them: what they read, what they hear, what they play. To enhance the future skills development track take away recommendations of books, games, and activities for classroom time with your child.
Additional recommendations for the week
You don’t have any additional recommendations yet
Select a skill from the top to get recommendations
STEP 5 Get updates regularly
Come back to the service each week for more recommendations.

Take care of your child’s development with Leoni

You can also get a full diagnosis on our website and get a consultation with a psychologist